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Monitor social media, obtain real-time data, and qualitative analysis in seconds with AI using Buzzmonitor.

Monitor your social media with Buzzmonitor

Understand public sentiment and perception of your brand

Monitor sensitive terms and anticipate reputation crises

Increase productivity with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Monitor your competitors and stay one step ahead

Identify opportunities and market trends

Transform data into strategic insights for your brand

Use Buzzmonitor’s AI Insights for qualitative analysis in seconds

Qualitative analysis in just one click?

With AI Insights, it’s possible! Get summarized information from your Buzzmonitor monitoring reports in seconds and save time and energy.

Let our technology do the hard work for you and focus on strategy!

Centralized monitoring

Analyze conversations about your brand and your competitors across all digital platforms and get real-time reports.

AI and optimization tools

Over 10 tools to generate more comprehensive Social Listening reports, boost productivity, eliminate manual processes, and generate strategic insights.

Real-time dashboards

Get dashboards to manage crises, evaluate your brand, analyze your competition, identify trends, understand your audience, and develop data-driven strategies.

NPS 97

Buzzmonitor’s customer service team, rated with an NPS of 97 by our clients, will help you with integration, training, and any questions you may have.

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